Martinsville, Virginia


Fall Into A New Skill In Martinsville-Henry County

Did you know that September is Self-Improvement Month? Even though the kids are back in school, learning is not limited to just youth. This month is a great opportunity for all ages to discover a different hobby or new skill.

There are many opportunities to learn in Martinsville-Henry County ranging from arts and crafts to yoga!

Check out the new crafting classes this fall at the Artisan Center in Uptown Martinsville! There is a wide variety of options available, just choose the one that suits you best!

  • Woodworking classes being offered this fall are great opportunities to get in touch with natural materials. There is the Intro to Fine Woodworking course which enables students to learn about wood as a medium for realizing their designs.  Woodturning is another course offered in the fall that focuses on the use of lathes and face plate and spindle techniques to learn the art. Each student in this course will finish at least four projects to take home and enjoy!
  • Glass art courses are offered featuring Introduction to Stained GlassBasic Glass Fusing, and Intermediate Stained Glass. Students will learn the history and techniques of stained glass and produce stained glass samples during the Introduction to Stained Glass course. Basic Glass Fusing gives students the opportunity to cut glass, select the correct glass, and design a project. They will also learn how to prepare molds and use a kiln for firing. The Intermediate Stained Glass course gives students the opportunity to further develop their existing stained glass skills.
  • If your passion is jewelry, then the jewelry fabrication courses are for you!  Texturizing & Stamping Metal Jewelry teaches students to texturize and customize metal for create beautiful earrings, charms, necklaces, and more. Also offered in the realm of jewelry fabrication is Working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC.) Precious Metal Clay is copper is a workable form that students can form, mold, and fire into wonderful, wearable works of art!
These opportunities and many more are available at the Artisan Center this fall!

If you prefer hobbies that keep you physically active, there are several opportunities in Martinsville-Henry County just for you! The Spencer-Penn Centre offers a variety of classes including tai chi and yoga. Every Tuesday night, a yoga class is offered for students to relax and unwind while enjoying a great workout. On Thursday morning, greet the sun and join in the fun with a fabulous tai chi class! Both classes are offered at the center for a small pay per-session fee.

The Martinsville-Henry County area has numerous opportunities to learn new hobbies or skills. To learn more about these classes or other attractions and events in the area, visit Follow us on Twitter: @MHCTourism, Facebook: VisitMartinsville, and Pinterest: VisitMartinsville.