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Feel-Good Fridays - June 26th

We all love MHC and we love a feel-good story. This week’s story features the Harvest Foundation and the Virginia 30 Day Fund .

The Harvest Foundation and the Virginia 30 Day Fund are partnering up to offer a brand new forgivable loan opportunity for small businesses in Martinsville and Henry County called the “Pay it Forward MHC Small Business Relief Fund.”

The Harvest Foundation is investing $1 million in honor of local healthcare workers and front line responders to the Virginia 30 Day Fund that will distribute forgivable loan awards up to $3,000 for businesses employing 3-30 individuals.

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of a community,” said India Brown, program officer at Harvest. “Our partnership with the Virginia 30 Day Fund allows Harvest to support small businesses in our community without the hassle of completing a long application and the stress of waiting to receive funding. The Virginia 30 Day Fund's passion to support small business is unmatched, and it is an honor to partner with them to create the Pay It Forward MHC program.”

The Virginia 30 Day Fund was created by Virginia technology entrepreneur Pete Snyder and his wife, Burson, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The fund’s goal is to save as many Virginia jobs as possible while many small businesses wait for mandated shutdowns to endand for federal funding like the Paycheck Protection Program to hit their bank accounts. “We couldn’t be prouder to partner with The Harvest Foundation to bring the Pay It Forward movement to Southside Virginia. Harvest’s generosity is also matched by their vision and desire to truly help others in this amazing community,” said Pete Snyder, cofounder of the Virginia 30 Day Fund. “To all of the hardworking small business heroes out there, help is on the way, right now. We’ve got your back. Know that we will get through this difficult time and we will come out of it stronger as individuals and as a community in the long run. Together, we are going to make a real and significant difference in Martinsville and Henry County in the weeks and months ahead.” In addition to employing 3-30 individuals, eligible businesses must be based in Martinsville-Henry County, operating for at least one year, and owned and operated by a Virginia resident. Funds disbursed by Pay it Forward MHC do not need to be repaid, but if small business owners wish to “pay it forward” to another Virginia business in need of assistance in the future, they can direct dollars back into the fund to be used in Martinsville-Henry County.

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