Martinsville, Virginia


Marty Moving on to Join Horse Racing Circuit

After serving as the Martinsville Mustangs primary mascot since 2005, the organization announced that Marty will be moving on to greener pastures, as he informed the team that he intends on joining the competitive horse racing circuit.

“Obviously his decision caught me by surprise, but I can’t fault him for chasing his dream,” said Mustangs General Manager Tyler Parsons. “He was a major presence for this organization, and we know whoever takes his place will have some large hoofs to fill.”

A staple of Mustangs games since the team’s inception, Marty was often seen running around the bases in the early morning to train for the season, and the team encouraged him to continue improving his skills. But in recent weeks that began to change, as Marty spent much of his time grazing in the outfield, and it was clear to the organization that something was gnawing at him.

Team President Jesse Cole, Director of Fun Emily McDonald and Parsons called Marty into the office on Friday, and after a lengthy conversation he told the team about his dream to race professionally. Although he will certainly be missed in the community, the team fully backs his decision and is willing to do anything to help him in his quest to enter the starting gate. His goal is to race in the Kentucky Derby on May 4th, and everyone will be rooting for him to take home the roses!

When reached for comment, Marty was excited to begin his new journey, but also wanted to thank the Martinsville community for all the great support over the years.

“Naaaaay Naaaay Nay,” added Marty. “Nay Naaaaaay Naaaaaaaaay Nay!”

The team is currently without a mascot, but Parsons made it clear that they have already started to look for a tremendous replacement.

“We have started a national search to replace Marty, and I fully intend to scour the country from the beaches of California to the local Blue Ridge Mountains,” said Parsons. “We want someone who reflects the new changes to the team, someone who has a passion for fun, and also possesses a level of uniqueness.”

With a milestone season set to start on May 29th, the Mustangs hope to have a mascot in place by the end of March. Fans are encouraged to email Parsons at regarding any ideas for the new mascot, and we will have more news on a possible replacement soon.