Martinsville, Virginia


Meet Beth Deatherage

Meet a Martinsville Insider: Beth Deatherage. As the Project Coordinator for HD Web Studio, Beth works with clients at many businesses and organizations throughout the community, making her very knowledgeable about things to do and see in the area. In addition to our website,, Beth and her team have also designed websites for the Martinsville MustangsThe Artisan Center and Uptown Martinsville. Here are her tips for enjoying the opportunities that Martinsville-Henry County has to offer...

Where do you take friends and family when they come to town?
"My friends and my husband's friends travel to Martinsville regularly to attend races at the Martinsville Speedway. We always take them to Checkered Pig BBQ (formerly called Pigs R Us) to eat and get them a biscuit from Biscuitville in the mornings, drive them up to Philpott Lake to see the dam, and then drive down Mulberry Street to show them how much less the houses cost compared to their homes in Northern Virginia."

What is the best-kept secret in Martinsville-Henry County?

"The best kept secret is the little book store the News Den in Collinsville. The owner Mary Jo is an institution; she still allows people to trade in books for credit and will order anything you need. I love visiting Mary Jo at the News Den." 

What is the most interesting tidbit about HD Web Studio?
"Our office is located in the Historic post office in Uptown Martinsville and was the former home of the Army Reserve." 

What are your top Martinsville-Henry County dining spots?
"The Dutch Inn has the best atmosphere for a dinner date and Walsh's Chicken is the best casual dining restaurant." 

What are your favorite Martinsville-Henry County festivals?
"I thought this year's Oktoberfest was the most exciting community event I had attended since I was a little kid." 

Where do you go to enjoy sports and recreation?
"On hot days in the summer we will go to the Fieldale pool and swim. It is nice because they have an adult only pool in addition to the main pool. We also walk the Dick and Willie Passage on a regular basis and I play golf with my parents at the different courses around our community."

Get out to explore and discover Martinsville-Henry County for yourself!