Martinsville, Virginia


Meet Roland Guidry

Meet a Martinsville Insider: Roland Guidry, an Artist at Studio 107 Artist Studios for Piedmont Arts. Specializing in ceramics and painting, Roland uses oil painting, watercolor, ceramics and sculpture as a way of personal expression.

What are your top three things to do or see in Martinsville-Henry County?

"I enjoy seeing the scenery of the region and the older neighborhoods of the city, visiting Piedmont Arts and the Virginia Museum of Natural History." 

What is the most interesting tidbit about Studio 107?

"Discovering I can be a studio artist! I worked as a theatrical designer and production specialist all of my career because I didn't think I had the discipline to sit in a studio and paint or craft all day without a deadline for a show and a script to follow. Studio 107 allowed me the opportunity to try and I love the freedom of being a studio artist." 

What are your top Martinsville-Henry County dining spots?  

"I like Daily Grind Cafe' because the quality of the edibles and coffee is great for the price and the service and environment are warm and inviting. I think that Wild Magnolia is an underknown eatery in the city because of its tucked-away location but the food is excellent (best burgers in town) and I always found it to be a great place to have a conversation while having a nice meal. I especially like to patronize these places because they are locally owned and operated and offer distinctive variety and choice for food and drink not found in the chain restaurants."


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