Martinsville, Virginia


Particle to Play Late-Night Set at Rooster Walk 6

Particle, founding fathers of the "jamtronica" genre, will perform a late-night set at Rooster Walk 6 as part of their first extended tour in the better part of a decade!

Along with The Disco Biscuits and Sound Tribe Sector 9, Particle was among the first to blend rock, jazz, funk, and electronica into the milieu of what has been dubbed "jamtronica" or "livetronica." The group has made a name for itself and built an enthusiastic fan base, - known as Particle People - by performing energetic late-night sets at festivals such as Bonnaroo.

Particle's Steve Molitz is the remaining founding member, and joining him for Particle's first national tour since roughly 2007 are later-era guitarist/singer Ben Combe and two new Particle members, drummer Brandon Draper and bassist Clay Parnell. Founding Particle members Darren Pujalet and Eric Gould remain connected to the band but are focusing on family and careers - and give the new lineup their full blessing, Molitz says.

RW6 tickets prices will increase this Saturday, so be sure to grab yours by Friday night at the latest. Click HERE for a direct link to online tickets.