Martinsville, Virginia


Piedmont Arts - Keeping The Community Engaged

To keep the community engaged while the museum is closed, Piedmont Arts staff members are coming up with new ways to provide helpful and engaging content.

Each day, the museum's social media accounts will feature themed posts to help engage and inspire followers during this difficult time.

Follow Piedmont Arts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, look for the following hashtags, and use them to share your posts with the museum.

Sundays – #ShareTheLoveSunday
Using words, art, poetry, music or any other form of expression, tell Piedmont Arts where you are finding hope in the world right now.

Mondays – #MomentOfZenMonday
Sharing images and videos of artwork from around the world to offer followers a moment of zen.

Tuesdays – #TryItOutTuesday
Stay connected with the arts at home with fun, arts-based activities for kids and adults to enjoy.

Wednesdays – #WheresYourArtWednesday
Learn more about the community’s permanent collection of sculptures and murals, as well as exhibits currently on display at the museum.

Thursdays – #TourTheWorldThursday
Take virtual tours of museums and cultural attractions around the world.

Fridays – #FreePerformanceFriday
Watch free videos of plays, operas, concerts and more from artists and arts organizations around the world.

Saturdays – #StayEngagedSaturday
Highlighting a famous work of art and challenging you to recreate the work using items you have at home.