Martinsville, Virginia


Premiere date set for Hometown Hustle series the Friday after Thanksgiving!

Premiere date set for Hometown Hustle series the Friday after Thanksgiving!

The first two episodes of HOMETOWN HUSTLE will premiere Friday, November 26, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. on the Rudy’s Girl Media YouTube channel.

A new web-reality series by Rudy’s Girl media following the journey of fearless entrepreneurs who voraciously dare to dream a different dream in Martinsville, Virginia and who are not afraid to risk it all to make it happen. Each episode reveals new trials and triumphs in their entrepreneurial adventure – realizing that being your “own boss” isn’t always glamorous!

Natalie K. Hodge is the show's Host, Devin Pendleton is the larger-than-life Producer, and attorney, Michael McPheeters, as Executive Producer. Shot and edited by KJ Harkness and Jason Cahill of VLNZ. In partnership with the MHC Chamber of Commerce’s Partnership for Economic Growth (CPEG) and MHC Pay It Forward. Sponsored by The Harvest Foundation, as a contributor of marketing funding. 

The CAST includes:

DESHANTA HAIRSTON | Books and Crannies

HERB ATWELL | Mountain Valley Brewing

JAILYN DRAPER | Social Butterfly Media Management

ABRAHAM GONZALEZ | Ape’s Frozen Yogurt

TERESA MARTIN | Teresa's School of Baton and Dance

WAYNE DRAPER | The TAD Space & Right Now Remediation, Restoration, & Repair

“Hometown Hustle is a showcase of small-town entrepreneurs who are excited about investing in their community, who love their businesses, who have this AMAZING idea and want to bring it and share it. It’s the REAL story of them and Rudy’s Girl Media is excited to be at the producing helm of the storytelling on a topic that I am passionate about...Local entrepreneurship!” – CEO, Natalie K. Hodge

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