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Rooster Walk 12 Announcements

Rooster Walk 12 Announcements

Hard to believe, but the organizers of Rooster Walk are already back into festival mode! Today they announced that the first batch of bands will be announced this Monday (11/22) at 10 am EST.

And then, at noon on Tuesday (11/23), they'll put tickets on sale!

They're so excited to be getting back to normal and planning a Rooster Walk that will take place over Memorial Day weekend (May 26-29, 2022) at Pop's Farm. They're planning to go bigger than ever, and you can count on all the RW staples at this one, from amazing music, to food and craft vendors, kids' activities, on-site camping, outdoor activities and so much more!

Please note that they actually put tickets on sale for "Rooster Walk 12" back before COVID. Many fans bought tickets back then (in 2019/2020) and have been holding onto them ever since. Ticket prices will pick up where they left off, meaning that you'll some ticket types won't be starting at their traditional "early bird" price levels, because those were sold back in '19/'20. Organizers said that they owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who has been holding onto these tickets for nearly two years now. Rooster Walk might not still be here without you!

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