Martinsville, Virginia


Rooster Walk Ticket Price Increase & Lineup Announcement Coming Soon

At noon on Tuesday Feb. 11th, we'll be announcing the next batch of bands for the 12th annual Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival!

At the same time, Off-Site RV Spaces and GA 3-Day tickets will go on sale. Certain tickets will also go up in price. ...

Low Ticket Warnings (at current prices): VIP 4-Day; Full Strut VIP 4-Day; Near Car Camping-VIP; Car Parking-VIP; GA 4-Day; GA Near Car Camping-Ridge Pass.

The Off-Site RV Spaces are a new addition to Rooster Walk, following the quick sellout of all on-site RV spaces earlier this year. Just like Pop's Farm, the Off-Site Lot is located on Hobson Road. The grassy Off-Site RV Lot is just 1.2 miles from the entrance to Pop's, and will be serviced by a shuttle that runs on a constant loop to Pop's. These Off-Site RV Spaces will measure approximately 40'x25' and cost $200 apiece. There are only 30 of these spaces available.

Rooster Walk 12 will take place Thursday-Sunday, May 21-24, 2020 at Pop's Farm, located in the rolling countryside surrounding Martinsville, Va. For more info, visit