Martinsville, Virginia


Stargazing in MHC

Stargazing in MHC

Is there anything more relaxing - and mesmerizing - as staring up into the luminous night sky and seeing all those stars, the moon, the planets, and the constellations? The sky is a treasure to behold and fortunately for us, the rural lands of Martinsville-Henry County are the kinds of places where you can enjoy uninterrupted views. Did you know that for our region of the United States, the month of October offers the clearest views of the night skies? Plan a trip to our part of Virginia this month and keep your eyes on the sky.  

In collaboration with our friends at the Education Department of The Virginia Museum of Natural History, we invite you to stop by the museum on Friday, October 23rd from 10-12 to take a look at some meteorite casts and other astronomy material. VMNH will also have a pre-bagged astronomy craft for children to take home. According to Kayla Lacy, a museum educator, “Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are out right now in the night sky so it's a great time to get people out looking up.” Be sure to stay up to date with what’s happening at the Virginia Museum of Natural History by signing up for their newsletter and following them on social media. Also, did you know that you can also choose an Astronomy-themed birthday party package at the museum? *

Looking for local spots for stargazing?

How about spending an evening under the stars at Mountain Valley Brewing in Axton, VA? 

While enjoying your craft beer and listening to music, get lost in the night sky stretching above the beautiful mountains in the distance. It’s easy to see that the serene country views are a part of the charm of the brewery.

Philpott Lake Campground is another ideal location with lovely landscape views and open skies. Pitch a tent, pull out the chairs, and unwind.

Celestial events to look for in October:
Mars Opposition**- October 13th (telescope required)
New Moon – October 16th
Orionids Meteor Shower Peak** – October 21st
Full Moon – October 31st

Make plans to get to Martinsville-Henry County before the month is over! Find more information, including special events at

*Birthday parties currently unavailable for booking due to COVID-19.

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