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Studio 107 Jewelry


As part of his volunteer service at the Martinsville-Henry County Visitor Center, Jacob Salas visited Studio 107 in Uptown Martinsville to learn more about the attraction. In his blog below, he shares stories that he heard from artists during his visit. Blogging and photography is just one of the many activities to participate in when volunteering with the VisitMartinsville team. If you are interested in volunteering, or would like more information, please contact Chloe Mayhew (Group Sales Coordinator) at (276) 403-5948.


Terry Mitchell

Even though my fellow classmate and I have lived in the Martinsville area for quite some time, we never really thought of exploring the unique qualities that our town has to offer. One of those is Studio 107, an open art studio in Uptown Martinsville. Inside Studio 107, you will find woodturning, glass, jewelry, stained glass and more, all made in America. Each artist has such a unique story which is represented in their work. When you buy a piece of work from them it is like you're taking a story home in that one piece of art.

Terry Mitchell, also known as "The Wood Man," is a successful businessman that started his craft of wood turning just by his love of wood. Mitchell began in his basement, and since then has won many awards for his work. "I make one of a kind work," Mitchell stated. His most popular products are his pens that are hand crafted and made out of wood from all over the world.One of many artists that use the space is Mary Powell, who has an inspirational story behind each piece of her watercolor paintings. Powell started about six years ago after the lost of her son at 18 years of age. Her aunt introduced her to watercolor painting by taking her to classes in order to take her mind off of things. As the days went by, Powell saw an ad for an open space at Studio 107, which she kept and thought about for three months. Later, when she decided to take the space, she said it was a "blessing" and it was like "fulfilling a dream." Now she is giving lessons of her own. 

Jeweler's Edge

"From plastic to platinum" is the motto that Amanda and Rodger live by when it comes to their craft. They describe their relationship as yin and yang, because when one can't do a specific task, the other can. Rodger started from one small brown desk, which he still uses today, where he said he made many mistakes, but learned from them and improved. Amanda learned, and was a metal smith, in college. Once she met Rodger at Eden Jewelry, they have made beautiful pieces of wearable art from just about anything you can imagine, from forks to fishing hooks.

There are many artists that use Studio 107 who are inspirational people with great stories. All items are sold at reasonable prices starting at one dollar and up. Check out Studio 107 open Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.!