Martinsville, Virginia


Team VisitMartinsville & the Two on the Trail Race

Team VisitMartinsville & the Two on the Trail Race

Well, they did it! Kelly and Beth from #TeamVisitMartinsville finished the first of their Miles in Martinsville races for the 2021 season! The fun-loving team braved cold temperatures this morning to run two miles at Jack Dalton Park, and they did ok! More important than the time, was the enthusiasm the pair showed for their challenge. Both appeared to have a great time!

Kelly’s official time was 22:28 and Beth’s official time was 19:53. Kelly finished 2nd in her age group and Beth finished 1st in her age group. Kudos, girls!

Stay tuned folks and see how Team VisitMartinsville does in the Martinsville Half Marathon & 5K coming up on April 3rd. Interested in running either of the races? Go to now to register! And if you are out there, be sure to say hello to #TeamMartinsville!