Martinsville, Virginia


The 2022 National Plan for Vacation Day!

These last couple of years have been hectic, right? And we are in need of a getaway; desperately in need! Well, today is the perfect day to start planning because it is National Plan for Vacation Day after all! 

That’s right, folks! Today is officially the day to stop dreaming and to start planning for you next vacation in 2022. If you’re looking to explore a small charming town, that’s packed with big adventure, and you don’t want to travel too far away, we invite you to spend some time with us in Martinsville-Henry County, Virginia! We’ve got lots to do and we’ve made it simple to plan your getaway with our list of 50 Things to Do and our custom Itinerary Builder! Check them out here:

50 Things To Do

Itinerary Builder