Martinsville, Virginia


The UpTown Martinsville Mile

The UpTown Martinsville Mile

It's been fun watching untold number of hours of Olympic Track & Field. The training and preparation necessary to compete at this level is mind boggling!

It is a reminder that runners do not improve by accident. We also do not improve by going out and running the same 3 mile course at the same leisurly pace, day in, day out. We need a plan consisting of workouts specific to whatever goal race we have on the calendar. Although there is some commonality, milers and marathoners train differently.

We wish more runners would endeavor to "take it to another level". One of Miles in Martinsville's most prolific racers can help. Gregg Dean who excells at everything from the mile to the marathon, now offers his expertise to help you become a better runner. Check out "The Run Garden", his coaching and analysis program website at: Also on Facebook at

Okay, now that we have you thinking "fast", It's time to get your speed on and sign up for the UpTown Martinsville Mile. August 14 @ 7 PM. Info and online registration at