Martinsville, Virginia

Things to Do

Rania's of Uptown Martinsville


Rania's of UpTown Martinsville is the place to host your next business meeting, family gathering or banquet. Meetings can be conducted in a formal or informal setting, the choice is yours. Located in the rear of Rania's Best Grill Restaurant, this facility has two large spaces that offer seclusion and comfortable accommodations for up to 75 people. For parties larger than 75, the spaces can be combined to seat up to 150 guests. Meals and drinks can be provided by the on site restaurant at your request. Due to the versatility of the restaurant, you have the option of simple meals to more exquisite dishes. All of these dishes are prepared to make your meeting much more enjoyable. You provide the time, date and occasion and Rania's will take care of the rest - great atmosphere, great service and great food.

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