Martinsville, Virginia

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Skate Park at J. Frank Wilson Park

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The Skate Park located at J. Frank Wilson Park is the place where skate lovers can practice their craft. Whether you love to ramp skate or do tricks with your skateboard, the skate park at Wilson Park will provide hours of fun and exercise. The skate park was designed by a group of youth who love to skate every available opportunity. The ramps provide plenty of opportunity for high jumps and spins. Spectators frequent the park just to see the tricks or to learn new techniques they may like to use.

The course can be used as a skating obstacle course to create a challenge among friends. You design the tasks and the stunts and see who completes them without error and the fastest. If you love to skate and reside in the area or are planning a visit to Martinsville, don't forget your skateboard so you can join the many skaters of the community at the Skate Park to share skills, have fun and release your "skate energy."

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