Martinsville, Virginia


"Adventure on the Smith River Book Signing at Binding Time Cafe

Tom Perry's Laurel Hill Publishing LLC is pleased to announce a new book release and book signing to benefit the Dan River Basin Association. Binding Time Café in Martinsville, Virginia, will host a book signing for Jennifer Gregory and Adrienne Anderson's Jeb's Adventure On The Smith River on December 11 starting at 4 p.m. Gregory and Perry will be present with the book, and Perry's other titles on regional history.

The children's book depicts the adventure of Jeb, a goldfish, which Gregory found in her backyard fountain. The book's story describes how a friendly Owl named Molly, named for Gregory's other niece and sister of the illustrator flies the goldfish to the Smith River, where the goldfish spends a day learning about the history along with natural and manmade sites on the stream. One memorable encounter with Captain Tom Tar-Tar, who looks suspiciously like the book's publisher, Tom Perry, is also in the book.

The beautifully illustrated book by Gregory's niece Adrienne Anderson makes this book not only an educational, but artistic read for pre-teen children. The book will make a great Christmas present and will help support a worthy non-profit organization concerned about the Smith River, which is part of the Dan River Basin.

Proceeds from the sale of books that day and sales through other outlets since publication will benefit the Dan River Basin Association through an arrangement with Laurel Hill Publishing.

Brian Williams, Program Manager, Dan River Basin Association comments on the book. "As advocates of promoting and protecting our natural resources, The Dan River Basin Association is thrilled to endorse the new book by Jennifer Gregory, 'Jeb's Adventure on the Smith River'. The author captures the imagination of both young and old in the tale of Jeb the goldfish and his animal friends. The book is packed with colorful and exciting illustrations and the author does a wonderful job of inviting the reader on a journey down the Smith. An imaginary tale based on animals and encounters that one might actually find along the river, the reader learns about our local waterway from the dam to the historic Indian fish weir. A fun read that brings awareness to cultural and natural resources of the beautiful Smith River."

The Dan River Basin Association will be present with information about their efforts. The Dan River Basin Association (DRBA) preserves and promotes the natural and cultural resources of the Dan River basin through stewardship, education, and recreation.