Martinsville, Virginia


Earth Day Every Day

Every year on April 22nd, Earth Day is celebrated throughout 192 countries, to represent and demonstrate support for environmental protection. This tradition, which began in 1970, was a turning point for the U.S. society, and preservation efforts that continue today.

In fact, tomorrow there will be two Tree Planting Celebrations in honor of Earth/Arbor Day. The first planting will be held at the Bassett Historical Center at 11:30 am and the second will be at the Depot Street Comfort Station along the Uptown Connection Trail in Martinsville at 1:00 pm. Both events are open to the public and you are encouraged to attend the ceremonies. Tree City USA Celebration 

For children and families, the Virginia Museum of Natural History and the Smith River Sports Complex will once again host the Annual Earth Day Festival on Saturday, April 26th at the Smith River Sports Complex. This fun-filled, festival will be entertaining for everyone in the family. Learning about and appreciating our natural resources and environment can be fun and interesting for children as well as adults. Activities scheduled include music, crafts, face painting, balloons and more. Spend the afternoon celebrating Earth Day at the festival. Also, be sure to plan a trip to the Smithsonian-affiliated Virginia Museum of Natural History, just a 10 minute drive from the Smith River Sports Complex, to learn more about Virginia resources, lands and history. Plus you don't want to miss Bug Daze coming up on Saturday, May 3rd. Earth Day Festival

We hope that you will enjoy the festival but remember to incorporate the ideas of Earth Day into the daily lives of your family. Plan to spend some time on the Smith River this spring or simply enjoy a picnic along its banks. Remember to pick up what you pack and dispose of trash properly. Take your kids fishing on Philpott Lake or the Martinsville Reservoir and teach them how to unplug from technology and appreciate nature.

There are a variety of ways that you can help the environment and enjoy the outdoors. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration and be sure to tell us your favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day Every Day in the comments below.  

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