Martinsville, Virginia


Fab Lab Fun: Week 2

This story is the second in a series of posts called “FAB Lab Fun”.  FAB Labs, or Fabrication Laboratories, are defined as a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication and are most often offered as a community resource. Discover the hands-on experience of taking a FAB Lab class through staff member, Beth Stinnett. We hope you enjoy going with her along for the ride.

"How To Make Almost Anything!" Week 2 began with an excitement about completing my vinyl cut-outs from the week before. Going with a decal design, I “drew” oval decals with my children’s names for their bicycles or scooters. Though my design was simple, it was the art of creating it that was special. Using the CutStudio software to modify my designs from the previous week seemed easier and quickly came back to me. After making final adjustments to sizes and fonts, I was ready to send my decals to the printer. FAB Lab coordinator, Matthew Wade was there to assist me with prepping my vinyl and configuring the proper cutting settings. Within a matter of minutes, my decals were finished and I was ready to cut them out and apply them to transfer tape.

Jackson and Matti loved my “homework” that I completed for them and were quickly able to find the perfect place to showcase them. Being so intrigued with what I have been doing, I told my oldest about the upcoming Martinsville Mini Maker Faire on April 18th and what all you can create, and now our family has officially saved the date!

Next week, our class will be learning a new software, Inkscape, and how to incorporate it in our next design. Out of curiosity, I have researched the program and though it appears complex, I'm sure that means the sky is the limit where design is concerned.

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