Martinsville, Virginia


Feel-Good Fridays - March 27th

We all love MHC and we love a feel-good story. This week’s story features a local business rallying around its community to encourage the support of local businesses and incorporating this effort to their fitness plans!

LaDonna Hairston of CrossFit 276 came up with the idea to accept a challenge posted by a fellow business owner, Adam at The Brick in Danville, VA called the "COVID 19K". The challenge set forth was to complete a 19k (11.8 miles) while stopping into 19 different, but local small businesses and making a purchase (no matter how large or small). The challenge stated to complete this in one weeks time, take photos along the way and to tag The Brick. LaDonna, then challenged CrossFit 276 to join in and complete this locally in Martinsville-Henry County.

She stated "It is a trying time for us all, especially small businesses. Since our members planned to take strolls outside, we thought we could support small businesses along the way."

These groups began Saturday, March 21st and have been making time throughout their schedules to finish this during the remaining days of this week.

"We are using caution along with way with keeping our distance from one another. The business owners have been so happy to see us and thanked us for our business", LaDonna stated. This is an awesome story about one small business taking on a challenge to support fellow business owners in our area.

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