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Get Up, Get Moving

Have you picked up the newest issue of Discover MHC yet? This informative magazine, published annually by the Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for both residents and visitors to the community. The magazine provides information representing more than 600 local business and services in our community. This month we're featuring the article "Get Up, Get Moving" written by Autumn Morris, Marketing & Communications Manager for the MHC Chamber.

Need inspiration to get up and moving? Activate MHC provides quality resources and programs for people of all ages and fitness levels in the Martinsville-Henry County community.
 Activate MHC is a branch of the Martinsville YMCA designed to purposefully go outside of the walls of the YMCA and into the community to promote health and wellness. 
Activate MHC promotes several community programs with the mission of promoting health and exercise. These programs include Miles in Martinsville and Bike Barn.

Miles in Martinsville

Helgramite Hustle Mud Run

Miles in Martinsville is an annual program with seven distinct running and walking events throughout the year. Details of every race are planned with special care to promote fitness, family, and community well-being. Even the awards for many of the races are crafted by local artists and specialized to the theme of each event!

Races of the program include the Martinsville Half Marathon, two Girls on the Run 5ks, Tuff Strutter 5k Trail Run, Helgramite Hustle Mud Run 5k, Harvest Moon Run 10k, and the Turkey Day 5k. While the races attract competitive runners, there is also room for those just beginning their fitness journey or for folks simply looking for a fun community activity.

“All events are for everyone. You don’t have to be a runner, just come and participate at your own pace! In every race, there are people at all levels encouraging each other along the way,” said race organizer Cari Zimmer.

While physical fitness is an obvious focus of the Miles in Martinsville program, family togetherness is also a benefit. In particular, the Turkey Day 5k encourages whole families to participate by offering awards to the first families to cross the finish line as a group. “Everybody is always moving in different directions. The races give families an opportunity to come together to race toward a common goal,” said Zimmer.

Bike BarnFor the newcomer to Martinsville-Henry County or for anyone looking to connect to the community, the races provide an ideal opportunity. “People of all personalities and interests can join in as volunteers, runners, or simply spectators,” Zimmer added. 

Bike Barn

Go for a spin on the Dick & Willie Passage, a 4.5-mile paved rail trail winding through a beautiful canopy of trees and scenic views. Bikes and helmets are available, free of charge, for use on the trail at the Doyle Street trailhead. The Bike Barn has 7-speed comfort bikes, 21-speed comfort and mountain bikes, children’s bikes, two child trailers, and two tandems available for public use.

To learn more about Activate MHC and any of their programs and events, please visit or, or call the Activate MHC office at (276) 632-1772.


Discover MHC

The Discover MHC magazine is an annual publication distributed by the Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce. We would like to thank both the Chamber and Autumn Morris for sharing this story with us.To view an online copy of the Discover MHC magazine click here.



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