Martinsville, Virginia


Grammy Nominated Artist Visits Area

Scott Wesley Brown of Scottsdale, Arizona recently chose to enjoy a week-long vacation with his family in Fieldale, Virginia at The Virginia Home Inn. The singer/songwriter who is known best for his songs "He Will Carry You," "This Little Child," and "My Treasure," has recorded more than 25 albums and performed in every US and Canadian Provence. He has also performed in 50 different countries including: Russia, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Czech and Taiwan. Scott has worked with and written songs for many famous singers including, Amy Grant, Sandy Patti, Pat Boone and Plácido Domingo.

Sitting in the greeting room of The Virginia Home Inn with Inn Keeper William Lewis, the Brown Family recollected stories of the various mission trips that they had taken around the world with their music.

 Brown is visiting the area with his wife Belinda and granddaughter Isabella and they have enjoyed seeing area attractions such as the Blue Ridge Parkway, Philpott Lake and Fairy Stone State Park. The family also plans to visit the Virginia Museum of Natural History later in the week.

According to Mr. Brown, "We love the relaxed and eccentric atmosphere of it [The Virginia Home Inn]". "The food is wonderful and the décor is a feast for your eyes," said Ms. Brown. 

The Virginia Home Inn located at 986 Field Avenue in Fieldale was built for Marshall Fields in 1920. It is a 22-room home that now is an Inn Bed & Breakfast owned by Inn Keepers William Lewis and Edward Lewis. The historic home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the Interior Department and on the Virginia Landmark Register. Additional information can be found online at