Martinsville, Virginia


International Sculpture Day Spent in MHC

International Sculpture Day Spent in MHC

International Sculpture Day is on April 24th, and we welcome you to get out and discover all the sculptures throughout Martinsville - Henry County, VA. Not sure what to look for or what's out there? We can help get you started! 

Martinsville – Henry County is home to many sculptures and murals that showcase MHC’s artistic side. Plan to start your day in Martinsville at Piedmont Arts to admire the Kabuki Dancer sculpture located outside the art museum, and then make you way over to their Public Art Garden to see sculptures such as the “Daffodils”, “Four Seasons," and others.

Next, discover the ironwork sculptures at each end of the Silverbell Trail and look for the eight finely crafted bronze pieces on your walk.  They include a dove, bunny, grasshopper, trout, frog, turtle, quail, and snake.

Other don’t miss sculptures to discover include Martinsville – Henry County’s LOVEworks and the Fieldale Iron Bridge.

 For a more details on these as well as information on MHC’s Public Art, click here.