Martinsville, Virginia


Meet Shanan Turner

Meet a Martinsville Insider, Shanan Turner. Known to many families around the community simply as Ms. Shanan, she is the lead instructor for the 3 years old education program at First Methodist Church's Early Learning Center. She puts much love and care into her work and also spends quality time with her family out and about in the community. Here are her tips for enjoying Martinsville-Henry County.

Where do you take your friends and family when they come to town?

"My family comes in from Florida and Raleigh, NC. We enjoy taking them to Philpott Lake, Hooker Field to watch Mustangs Baseball and to the Martinsville Speedway."

What is the best-kept secret in Martinsville-Henry County?

"The best-kept secret in Martinsville-Henry County is all the beautiful walking and biking trails. Also how much fun it is to join their walking clubs. Another secret would be all the public art that is placed throughout Martinsville. My favorite is the elephant mural on Main Street. It has a great story behind it."

What  is the best part of raising a family in Martinsville-Henry County?

"Martinsville-Henry County is a great place to raise your family. There is so much that you can do and see that educates and entertains. People care here and we know what it's like to appreciate the little things in life such as family."

What are your top Martinsville-Henry County dining spots and why?

"Rania's is very elegantly decorated and the atmosphere there is very relaxing. They have a variety of good food such as duck and chicken kabob salad. I also enjoy Wild Magnolia; the people there are really nice and take the time to talk to their customers. The food is wonderful."

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