Martinsville, Virginia


Meet Tim Wood

Meet a Martinsville Insider, Tim Wood. A Bassett, native, Tim is the Pastor at Stone Memorial Christian Church and he loves the Martinsville-Henry County area. Tim has been an active member in the church for about 35 years and has really enjoyed working at Stone Memorial Christian Church for the past 7 years as a youth minister and a pastor. Here are Tim's tips for enjoying Martinsville-Henry County, Virginia.

What are your top Martinsville-Henry County dining spots and why?

"We have the best Mexican restaurants! I have eaten Mexican from all over the world and we have the best. I also love the mom and pop businesses around here. Mackie's is my favorite because their food and service is so great!"

Where do you go to enjoy sports and recreation?

"Philpott Lake is somewhere we go frequently in the summer time. I own a boat so my family and I are always fishing, kayaking, and playing water sports during the summer."

Where do you go to enjoy Martinsville-Henry County's arts-and-entertainment scene?

"My family and I are always going to the Spencer-Penn Centre along with the Rives Theatre whenever we want to listen to good music and fellowship with friends."

Get out and explore Martinsville-Henry County for yourself and see why...