Martinsville, Virginia


PHCC Among Top Ten Community Colleges in US

A report was published this week ranking America’s community colleges based on the student’s experience – from how much it costs students to attend to whether they are likely to achieve their career outcomes. In this report, Patrick Henry Community College was ranked among the top ten best performing colleges in the nation.

This report was published on WalletHub which is an online database and network of financial experts designed to provide financial information and tools in the form of news amalgamation as well as through expert and community forums.

Experts at Wallet Hub review financial institutions and businesses where patrons invest. Wallet Hub targeted community colleges to help their clientele make informed investments towards their education. The report acts as a database with which patrons can compare colleges to find the best product (education), the greatest return on investment, and the highest value for the lowest costs.

By weighing 17 key metrics, WalletHub measured the four dimensions of community colleges that determine their quality and value to students. According this intricate ranking system, PHCC shines brightest in students’ classroom experience and helping students achieve their career outcomes. This ranking reflects PHCC’s standing as a national leader in collaborative learning and as a local source for industry training.

President of PHCC, Dr. Angeline Godwin stated, “This report really celebrates the extraordinary work that our faculty members and staff at PHCC have accomplished – making sure that students come first, that classrooms are engaging, and that students’ needs are met to the best of our abilities.”