Martinsville, Virginia


Top 10 Instagram Locations in Martinsville – Henry County, VA!

Top 10 Instagram Locations in Martinsville – Henry County, VA!

In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southern Virginia, Martinsville – Henry County is home to NASCAR racing, music, arts, & more! Be sure to tag #VisitMartinsville every time you visit the many fascinating locations that we have to offer. Here’s a list of Insta-worthy locations to get you going!

1. Flag Mural @44 Franklin Street in Martinsville. Because... America! 276.632.3221

2. The Sloth of the Virginia Museum of Natural History @21 Starling Avenue in Martinsville. Along with thousands of specimens on display, Claude, the sloth is kind of a big deal! 276.634-4141

3. The Silverbell Trail @the corner of Church & Oakdale Streets in Martinsville. Take a short stroll and try to find all the bronzed animal sculptures along the boardwalk and trail. 276.632.8006

4. LOVEwork @the Smith River Sports Complex @ 1000 Irisburg Road in Axton. Virginia is for Lovers and Martinsville – Henry County has lots to LOVE! Pose with MHC’s very own LOVE letters. 276.632.8006

5. Gravely-Lester Art Garden @the corner of Starling Avenue & Mulberry Road in Martinsville. Sculptures, the historic Little Post Office, and nature provide a gorgeous backdrop! 276.632.3221

6. Antique Shell Gas Station @478 Field Avenue in Fieldale. For all those retro vibes! 276.632.8006

7. Eggleston Falls @2120 Eggleston Falls Road in Ridgeway. A rustic waterfall. Enough said, right? 276.634.4640

8. Circus Mural @30 Franklin Street in Martinsville. Elephants parading through town proved another unique backdrop! 276.632.3221

9. Philpott Lake @1058 Philpott Dam Road in Bassett. Breathtaking views from the Overlook, shore, and of course, on the pristine water. 276.629.2703

10. The Big Chair @100 E. Church Street in Martinsville. The chair is an icon of the Deep Roots initiative, which is aimed at highlighting unique assets and rich legacies in furniture. This chair serves as a symbol of where we came from and what's still important to us today. 276.632.8006