Martinsville, Virginia


Mural May

Mural May

This May, we are highlighting our eccentric murals located throughout Martinsville-Henry County. Murals are a fun and unique way to enhance the appeal of any streetscape or empty space, while capturing and reflecting pieces of local history or simply, a community’s vibe.

There are numerous murals, ranging in size and theme, located in MHC. Maybe you haven’t paid attention and passed them on numerous occasions, or maybe you have noticed and have been curious what they mean or who painted them. Or, perhaps you are considering a road trip that includes experiencing arts & culture. Whatever the reason, we’re glad that you are tuning in to learn a little more about the details and hidden gems that make Martinsville-Henry County unique! 

Mural Spotlight 

Day 1 - Baldwin Block Canvases 

Day 2 - Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc. Mural

Day 3 - Cocoa Trail Chocolates LOVE Mural

Day 4 - The Elephants on Parade/Circus Mural in Uptown

Day 5 - Farmers' Market Mural

Day 6 - June German Ball Mural

Day 7 - Manufacture of Furniture - Mural at Bassett Post Office

Day 8 - Old Glory Mural in Uptown

Day 9 - Ready, Set, Go Healthy Mural

Day10 - Uptown Connection Trail Mural

Day 11 - Growing Together Community Farmers Market Mural

Day 12 - Be A Part of the Solution, Stop the Pollution Storm Drain MuralThink of the Trout Before You Dump It Out Storm Drain Mural